I make works in a composite way including installation, virtual reality, time-based media work, performance, and text.

Fiction and characters I construct textually and visually play a pivotal part in the body of my work. My practice centres around issues of digital reality, body and intimacy, and through my work, I explore poetry, and the dynamic unfolding of multimedia practice.

From 2021 to 2022, during the MFA at Ruskin, I built a fiction about a female giant's inner body, surrounding desire, intimacy, trauma, and self-reflection. I’m presenting a VR installation in the final degree show.

My research begins with my own body. In creating fictitious narratives, I reflect on the concept of 'extimacy': Lacan coins the term extimité by applying the prefix ‘ex’ -- from exterieur, "exterior" -- to intimité -- "intimacy". (I am invoking the intellectual property of white male philosophers without a gesture of subservience; I am fascinated by the vocabulary and language used in the theory; I consider my practice as a process of overwriting. I am working in the context of female fantasy.) Portals (also holes, circles...) are a conceptual object to me under this context. It functions as the connection between the inner and exterior worlds. I found resonance about my studio work and approach to fiction writing in Dictee, a novel by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha.

During the Ruskin year, I moved from video to the 3D medium, virtual reality, a powerful medium. Aided by this technology, I had expected to gain the freedom to fantasise about an inside-out world, but the intensity and complexity of this expression is actually built on another tedious technical labour - exactly the opposite of freedom. Again, a body is neglected.